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all free backgrounds

make your own borders  for web pages

Make your own custom borders and backgrounds simply by using HTML and tables. It's better to use a custom border background in most cases, but you can use your imagination to get the results you want with background tiles and colors. Check out the samples below to find out how to do it.

To use these samples, open the page and then Save the File. IE will also download the graphics for you. You might have to download the Spacer.gif if you're using Netscape along with any other background tiles you wish to use from the Background collection.You may also use View Source to see the coding.

Hint: Be sure to make a copy of the file and use that to experiment with and make changes to.

Simple Border with Drop Shadow Border with Shadows and Background
borders for web pages borders for web pages

Double Border with Single Accent - Sized Table

Double Border with Double Accent - Stretchy Table
borders for web pages borders for web pages

Tip: The coding of these tables includes Netscape specific considerations so your pages will look the same in both IE and Netscape 4+ versions. Designing for IE is vastly easier and requires far less code than designing for Netscape, but Netscape useage is still about 5-10% in the US and as much as 19% in Europe.

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